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Re: [IP] dad wants to hook himself up

> Hello,
> My father just got his new Minimed pump and was toying with the idea
> of how to hook himself up.  (he is a fairly independant and
> impatient man)  I have been pumping for 4 years now and I told him
> that he had better not.   Actually my exact words were " ha, only if
> you sign a waver! I have no idea how to figure what basals you would
> be on you and we had better not mess with it....wait for you
> appointment."
> So hears my question to you all......is it possible?  I am not going
> to tell him that I asked, but I was just curious if it was possible.

Yes, it is possible. There a a few members that live "out in the 
wilds" and do not have access to an endo or even a GP with pump 
familarity that have purchased a pump on their own and done this. It 
is NOT ADVISED! Basal doses are typically much lower than what you 
would assume using either the 1500 rule or from examining current 
insulin use. Using a pump is simply not the same as chasing the NPH 
dragon. Tell him to be patient, read and learn all he can about pump 
management and carb counting, then do a bang up job with the help of 
his medical team.

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