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Re: [IP] Bay Area pumpers - Aug 4 Sunday event for Diabetes Interviewarticle!!

I would like to participate in the group.
What do I do? ... just show up?

Sue Kinzelman

Tina Farrell wrote:

> Dear Bay Area Pumpers,
> If you are a fan of the magazine Diabetes Interview, please consider
> yourself warmly welcomed to this event. This discussion, by the way, isn't
> specifically about pumping (details below).
> This is VERY last minute, but I am still trying to fill chairs for an
> informal meeting that will be the basis for a Diabetes Interview article. I
> knew summertime would present a scheduling challenge, but here goes!
> I apologize for the very late notice, since the date is Sunday afternoon,
> but perhaps you can make it to my house. I have a small, great group right
> now, but a few more people would be excellent. Please call if you have any
> questions!
> Regards,
> Tina
> Here are the details:
> *************************
> Invitation: A Conversation Between Type 1 and Type 2
> You are invited to participate in a meeting on Sunday, August 4, to discuss
> your experience of diabetes. The focus will be the contrast between type 1
> and type 2, both in our perceptions and the public's. The outcome of the
> meeting will be an article for Diabetes Interview.
> Since these are two different diseases, the concerns and lifestyles are
> different, although aspects, such as fear of complications, are shared. The
> discussion group will be between 8 to 10 participants, and will be balanced
> between type 1 and type 2. This will be a moderated, "point - counterpoint"
> discussion to explore differences and aspects in common. I have type 1 and
> my husband has type 2. We look forward to this discussion.
> Please review the information below and let me know whether you would like
> to participate.
> Here are some sample points of discussion:
> - What aspect of diabetes was hardest for you when you first got diagnosed?
> - What is your greatest fear related to diabetes?
> - What do you object to most about comments from those that don't have
> diabetes?
> - What do you think about the names for diabetes, "type 1" and "type 2"?
> - For type 1s: Do you think type 2s are better or worse off than type 1s?
> Why?
> - For type 2s: Do you think type 1s as are better or worse off than type 2s?
> Why?
> For the article, I would like to include your brief bio: name, age, gender,
> profession, type of diabetes and duration, and complications, if any.
> Participants will be videotaped during the meeting, and a few photographs
> will be taken.
> Date: Sunday, August 4, 2002
> Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
> Location: Home of Tina and Coy Farrell, 1949 Yosemite Drive, Milpitas
> Phone: 408-945-0838
> Please let me know if you need directions.
> *************************
> Tina B. Farrell
> Writing, Editing, Design
> 408-945-0838
> email @ redacted
> *************************
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