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Re: [IP] Today is the day!

> At 1pm we will start pumping. I can't believe the day is finally
> here.. We've been dealing with this diabetes monster for 9 months
> now tomorrow.. I want to think this list for all the suggestions you
> all make and I know without you all I wouldn't be this far along
> with all that we do know.  Please pray that we'll have a smooth
> start and that all goes well. I'm going to be real honest here and
> tell everyone i'm really scared about this because I tend to worry
> alot and right now my daughter has it set in her head that she will
> be fine only testing 4-6 times a day still..

Don't bug her about testing. She will find out quickly enough that 
testing will empower her to live a better life. She will feel better 
and be able to do more because of testing. I never bugged Lily about 
testing. In the months after her dx, it was not uncommon for it to 
take her 15 - 20 minutes for her to get up the nerve to do a finger 
poke. Needless to say, she did not test very often. When she got her 
pump, magically, the number of test per day went WAY up, it still 
took her a few minutes to do the finger stick for (for a few more 
weeks), but she new immediately that her pump would allow her to have 
her life back -- she was 11 then, a couple of year younger than 
Heather. Bugging her will slow down the process. Use sneaky bribery 
instead. Set up reasonable rules like "not eating unless bg's are 
less than 180. Sports range 80 (and comming up) -> 180 (sit out), 
etc... This will encourage her to have both good control and test 
more frequently.

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