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Re: [IP] And I mess up again...(My adventure with Paramedics)

SherryC. says that now she is tired, sweaty, hair texture is different and 
less manageable......Sherry, I hate to sound so off or negative but...welcome 
to the world of a new mom!  Your body still may have some hormones running 
around in there left over from being PG.  It doesn't happen overnight, 
getting things back to 'normal' (whatever that is??!!!)  And being tired 
constantly because of dealing with a new baby AND a full time job, well, your 
fatigue is going to be a BIG factor in how your BGs are and how you feel in 
general.  Is there someone there close by who can take the baby for atleast 
one night so you can get a full night sleep?  That may be a good start.  I 
had to do this after Josh was born.  Or maybe even for an afternoon on a 
weekend, if dad can take the baby to some friend's house and stay and visit 
and leave you at home in bed.  These are a MUST for you to get back on top of 
everything and get some much needed rest.  Sherry, if I were there I would 
take the baby for the weekend, which would also allow the TWO of you to get 
reacquainted as well as sleep!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua....Thank GOD he is now older!!!!!!!
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