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Re: [IP] HELP--high sugars after long periods without a bolus

A big thank you to all who either came to the chat room Wed. night or those
who have given advice here.  The prevailing opinion was that my basals rates
were off.  But that was not the case.  Starting Wednesday night, I spent the
next several days checking my sugars every couple hours night and day and
they never went above 150 (except when I knew the cause).  Just as I was
beginning to relax and assume that whatever happened was a fluke--it
happened again Saturday night.  I went from 153 at around 9 pm to 407 at 2
am.  Came down to 155 at 5 am with extra insulin and was back to 397 by 8:30
am.  Nothing out of the ordinary either in activity, food or stress levels.
In conversation with my CDE on Monday we decided that the problem was my
pump.  It had been hinting to me that a change was upcoming (finiky buttons,
etc.) and as far as we can tell it would occasionally simply not trigger the
basal doses.  Most of the time it as fine but then it would go on an
unscheduled vacation.  The process of upgrading was initiated immediately.
In the meantime, I continued to check, check, check!  At the first sign of a
rising sugar I would bolus to "wake-up" my pump.  This seemed to do the
trick for the short go.  As of yesterday I picked up Belle, my new charcoal
gray MM 508.  (Named for all the new bells and whistles!)  So far--all is
well.  I just used the dual wave bolus for the first time tonight with pizza
and actually had a low afterwards!!  Needless to say, I am impressed!

Again--thank you to all who helped me through my first brush with oncoming
dka and the complexities of figuring out the cause!

charity and Belle
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Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2001 8:59 PM
Subject: [IP] HELP--high sugars after long periods without a bolus

> I need some immediate help.  I am going to go to the anytime chat room if
> anyone can come and chat I'd really appreciate it!  (It is not quite 9:00
> Central time on Wednesday.)  But here is my dilemma--I have been having a
> very strange problem.  I am experiencing some extremely high blood sugars
> after several hours between boluses.  I am starting to wonder if I am
> getting my basal insulin at all!  Example:  Last night--
>                                 11:45 pm--216  less than two hours after a
> relatively large dinner (pre-meal was even higher 309--took extra--waited
> hour to eat) so I was relatively ok with 216--my assumption was that it
> would continue the rest of the way down.
>                                 5:15 am--462.  I took 8 units by injection
> and drank about 20+ oz of water.                                  7:30
> am--235  +1 more
>                                 8:30am--155
>                                 9:45 am--205
>                                 12:00 pm--155
>                                 6:30pm--475  +8 through new site
>                                 8:45pm--235
> It seems that the time between breakfast and lunch I go up a little then
> during the 6+ hours between lunch and dinner I spike!  Same thing during
> night last night!  I just talked with MM and did a couple of
> tests--according to them it isn't the pump.  This has happened several
> over the past week.  I have changed sites, reservoirs, etc, etc., etc!
> Any advice?!?
> charity
> MM507 for 4+ years
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