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Re: [IP] Insulin and tubing

On 31 Aug 2001, at 23:51, email @ redacted wrote:

> email @ redacted writes:
> > But if there is a "pocket" there, that would mean that the insulin
> > has gone somewhere.  So, in my understanding, you have already 

> No.  I have noticed the same thing when I disconnect.  It depends what
> set I'm using and how I lay the tubing.  If I hang it down, it doesn't
> back up into the tubing at all.  If I lay it flat, I sometimes have to
> prime about .4 to get a drop before I reconnect to prime for my missed
> basals.  I think George was thinking he was still "attached."  

Actually, I was (mis)reading in something from an earlier post.  I 
understand now that you are talking of the insulin receding into the 
tubing on the pump.  I had confused this with some earlier talk of 
the infusion set tubing needing to be "reprimed".  I'm back to using 
the Tenders now that I'm using Novolog.  The insulin level in that 
tubing does vary with the pressure.  I usually just lift the pump until 
I can see insulin at the needle point of the connector.

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