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Re: [IP] Insulin and tubing

On 31 Aug 2001, at 19:02, David Rundo wrote:

> What I do, is  I try to disconnect right after I get my 1/10th, run
> into the shower, and when I come out, usually missed 1/10 or 2/5. then
> I bolus and have brek. when off for a longer period, I prime it, since
> in the past, I have noticed that the longer end some gets out, and
> their may be a pocket where there is no insulin, I discovered that
> there was a pocket of .6 units that needed to be primed before any
> came out, which would mean I would not get any insulin for an
> aditionnal 45 mins
But if there is a "pocket" there, that would mean that the insulin 
has gone somewhere.  So, in my understanding, you have already 
taken that 45 mins. worth of insulin.

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