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[IP] black spots in vision with hypoglycemia

With all this talk of hypo symptoms, I just wondered 

I sometimes notice my right eye has lots of small black holes in the visual 
field when I am low (I only notice it when reading).  I wonder if these are 
related to my 20-year-old pan-retinal photocoagulation (laser surgery for 
retinopathy).  Do any people who have not had the surgery get them?

A mother mentioned the shaking pencil test for hypos -- I remember as a child 
thinking it so funny that the pencil did that when held loosely, and used it 
myself as a test, but didn't know the medical profession knew that much 
<gr.>.  But after 46+ years, that kind of symptom will only show up very 
sporadically, and isn't necessarily related to hypos anymore.

Linda Z
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