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[IP] Re: Question about kids with parents who are Type I

In a message dated 8/31/01 5:37:00 PM, email @ redacted writes:

>Does anyone here test their children's sugar levels?
>That is, kids that are not diagnosed with diabetes.
I have a daughter, now 17. I have been T1 since 1954. There was some study 
that was going on in FL. They took Elisabeth's blood and determined that she 
was not likely to become diabetic. I have had her doctor check her blood 
sugar at each physical. I won't do it. But, if she showed symptoms, I would.

That is how I was discovered. My older brother had T1 since he was 4 (1943). 
My mother did "urine" tests on all of us periodically. 

When I was in the first years of school, I would come home and attach my 
mouth to the kitchen water faucet. I didn't show sugar, but I sure had 
symptoms. Then I spilled.
Off I went to the hospital.

Later, my younger brother (who looked like a big stringbean) was having to 
urinate frequently. When he was 10, he spilled.

Watch for those symptoms. Don't scare the child, but make their pediatrician 

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