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[IP] St. Louis Endos

I live in St. Louis, Missouri.  I have an endo who is top of the line, very
well-known, etc.  However, when I go to see him, he is in there with me
literally 3 minutes tops.  "How are you doing?  Any new problems?  Ok, here
is your paperwork, go get your a1c taken."  That is the extent of the visit.
I taught myself carb counting and had a friend stabalize my blood sugars
when I was first on the pump 2 years ago.  My endo loves his patients, and
if I really had a problem, I am sure he'd be there, and he has an overload
of patients (most diabetics in St. Louis see him).  I remember when I was a
child, my diabetic doctor spent a half hour with me, would return my calls
herself (not the nurses), and was always telling me new methods, tricks,
etc.  The only reason why I don't want to switch docs is that my endo is so
close to me- distance-wise, very respected in the medical community, and on
staff at the hospital where I go to the ER for dehydration, eye surgeries,
etc.  Am I crazy for staying with him?  If anyone else from St. Louis is
reading this, can you email me with input on your doctors?
I need more support with my diabetes and pump.  I don't know exactally what
I need, but an involved doctor would help me a lot, I think.  Or are all
doctors like this because of insurance and HMO's, andall the foolish
Your input would really help me and please, if you want to flame me for
being stupid, keep it to yourself....I am having a bad day as it is.
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