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[IP] Reactions to Lows

The purpose of this note is to tell you how my body/mind has reacted as lows
were approached: (1) I will tell you what happened early in my Diabetic life(
about 1-5 years after starting to take insulin then (2) Now.
(1) going from 110 BS to 40-50, the rate is less than 30 min,( observations
where rate dependent):(a) Verbal Skills some missing, memory loss(can't spell
my own name), no can speak what the mind thinks, (b) Body Shaking at 65-70 BS,
heavy stuff, (c) starting to lose physical abilities, time to get lots of
sugar down very fast and enjoy a cookie or too that will stay with me.
(2) if I have low for some times my eyes are out of focus, if I am going into
a low eyes seem to be go out of focus, coming up from a low I may physically
shake about 70 BS. It is very important not to miss the direction of the BS
change because if I think BS is going low I eat like very fast. As in (1)
physical abilities are being lost and the BS goes down.

Mental feeling may of sadness, crying(with certain types of music-drums),
paranoid, take on the world, very great strength.

I tell you these things in the hope that if you see these you can be of help.

Take Care
Richard Haynes
email @ redacted
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