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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #405

diabetic or not:  find a liscensed and skilled massaged therapist and be 
consistent with the treatment!
elizabeth,  lmt,  diabetic for 20 years
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<< Subject: [IP] Re:  Carpal tunnel

Diabetes definitely affects carpal tunnel!!  I developed it 3-1/2 years ago -
while I was pregnant.  (Nobody ever told me it was actually carpal tunnel
though).  My hands started going numb while I was pregnant.  The doctors
(since I was a diabetic - I was seeing several!)  said not to worry about it -
it would go away within 6 months after the baby was born.  I had an
appointment with the hand surgeon right after Billy turned 3 - due to trigger
thumb (my thumb would lock in position and wouldn't move) - and mentioned this
numbness to him.  He did a couple of tests in the office and diagnosed me with
carpal tunnel syndrome.  He said a lot of women develop it while they're
pregnant because of the excess fluid - and in most it does go away shortly
after the baby is born.  "But you're a diabetic, so yours isn't going to go
away on it's own" is what he told me.   And since I ended up with an infection
in the incision after the trigger thumb release - through no fault of my own
- -- "you're a diabetic" was the response from both doctors!  The hand surgeon
says "That's why we don't want to do carpal tunnel surgery unless we
absolutely have to.  Find a different job."  (I'm a medical
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