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Re: [IP] Question about kids with parents who are Type I

My other kids are older so I think they'd ask if they had any signs and I'm 
pretty sure my son got D after an illness. If you test and see a problem 
won't it be better  if D is caught sooner? I was lucky and knew the signs of 
D through a friends child and my son was dx'd quickly and had no 
complications. His Bg was only in the 600's and he had only lost a little 
weight. If the Docs would have listened to me he could have been dx'd at 
least 3 months earlier, I knew something was wrong but it took a while to put 
it together. His regular Doc was a diabetic type 1 - boy did he feel bad. Now 
       -  No head in the sand - if nothing looks funny then you get to not 
worry for a while.  Dee
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