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Re: [IP] pump and school

We handled it differently. Ty went to the nurse to test at lunch, still does 
but he always ate a snack in class. When he was younger most of the kids ate 
a snack anyway and if he needed more carbs his extra snacks were kept in 
every classroom. He was 6 at dx'd and is now 12. I've always wanted him to be 
able to take care of himself. What if something happened to me or his dad 
etc. He also wanted to sleep over at friends and play in the neighborhood 
with his friends. We supervise all we can and his friends and parents are 
aware and have basic knowledge of D but Ty has to know this stuff to live and 
as soon as the kids can I think they should have some responsibility. He gave 
his own shots at 6 with supervision but in an emergency I knew he could do 
it. Now he's on the pump and can count carbs faster than he multiplies by 2 
LOL He is the one training the school nurse and he's been right everytime 
when she calls to confirm. Kids will do what is expected of them and I expect 
a lot from all my kids not just Ty and not just about D.  Ty's proud Mom
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