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Re: [IP] H/V mix users

> Thanks for the report, Michael -- I look forward to more . . . I was
> wondering whether Lily had noticed any difference in the timing of
> the insulin action with the Novolog?  Some parents on another list,
> whose kids experienced delayed peaking of H (still high after 2
> hours, crashing in 3), had heard that the Novolog peaked sooner and
> were wanting to try it (once they could get their hands on it) . . .

I've asked her about it every day... she replies that it appears to 
be about the same. The variation in the glycemic index of her normal 
diet appears to mask any small differences that may be present. Bear 
in mind that she has been using an H/V 5/1 mix for several years now 
so the response has been a little slower and smoother than straight 
H, but not much.
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