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[IP] Stickers - sort of Off Topic

> BTW - I also include a sticker everyday with some kind of message and a
> graphic. I print these out on labels and my sons really like it. It is a
> little surprise to look forward to each day. I customize the pictures
> on their interests, holidays, etc. This is inexpensive but one of those
> things that I think kids look back on and perhaps will smile. At least I
> hope so!

Just an added little thing I used to do was to scratch a message on the
kids' bananas - like a heart = <3, smiley face, *pass the test*, I love you,
etc. It wouldn't show up right away, but by lunchtime. They did confess that
they opened their lunchboxes as soon as they got on the bus to read their
messages. Just something to make their days a little brighter. (~_^)

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