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[IP] And I mess up again.....

Sherry, I want to reassure you that your hair loss is a completely normal 
post- partum event.  My hair loss occurred around 4 1/2 months after each of 
my babies. It has to do with your changing hormone levels.  (You may have 
noticed that you had extra hair during your pregnancy - less of it falls out 
during that period, and then it all comes out at once.)  My hair practically 
receded to the middle of my head on the sides.  It was really quite 
attractive when it started growing back in and it was all 1/4 inch long.  
Some people are more extreme than others.
As far as your exhaustion, frustration, and not finding enough time to do all 
the "diabetes"  things, I can completely relate.  I had the same problems 
after the birth of my children, although I fortunately always seemed to pull 
myself out of my lows by myself.  You just have to make sure that your health 
is the priority.  Putting the baby's needs first at the risk of your own well 
being isn't going to do any good for anybody, especially the baby.  I know 
this is much easier said then done when you have a crying infant.
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