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Re:[IP] vacation-spare pump?- A hint

Just haven't been able to get responses out as I'd like...What I did was put
all Hubby's info (meds, med dxs, surgical hx, alerts such as on Coumadin,
uses Insulin Pump, allergies-any kind, meds, adverse reactions, unusual test
results, etc) on a special form I created with the Word program.  This way,
you can print copies out to carry/take with you, and revision of any changes
is easy.  All his MD's love the form-concise, easy to read, and can update
as necessary.  I do always put a date on the form so the doctors know it's
current.  It sure came in handy any time he had to go to ER, and when he was
admitted to hosp since we could give a copy for the record.  I would also
carry a letter from MD and have prescriptions for everything.
Marj; Mike; and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)
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> Hi I have a question we will be going on a cruise and I was wondering if I
should get a spare pump to bring along just in case something would happen
to my daughter's.
> Should I also have a letter from her Dr. saying that she  has type I
diabetes and wears a pump.
> Anne (mom to 15 year old pumper)
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