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[IP] Re: And I mess up again

Original message:  Skipped a meal, bg went low & paramedics came.

Hope you are feeling better.  I also take synthroid and for me it does make a
difference if my levels are off, but if lab work is ok that may not be the
part of the lows.  I don't know if you take the same bolus for insulin to carb
ratio for each meal & I know it varies from person to person (I've asked other
pumpers here at IP) but for me, I usually have to vary my bolus ratio
depending on what my bgs are what activity level I have or am going to be
doing.  Not to say this works perfect (don't think there is a perfect formula,
haven't found it yet) but it usually keep me more level than 1 set insulin to
carb ratio.  I nearly always need a larger bolus at breakfast & supper than at
lunch for the same amount of carbs.
Hang in there and don't give up.  Forgot to say I've been pumping 2 1/2 years,
diabetic 28 years.  I live in Tennessee.
e-mail me direct to me at email @ redacted if you like.
Good luck.
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