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Re: [IP] Insulin and tubing

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From: "Ashley" <email @ redacted>

>  A friend of mine on the pump said that every time I disconnect to take a
> shower, swim, or whatever I need to disconnect for, to bolus .8 units when
> reconnect to refill the canula.

Slight misconception here. You DO have to prime .8 units when you put in a
brand-new set, BUT when you're re-connecting to a used set, you don't need
to prime it at all.

Depending on the individual, some people need to "make up" missed basal, and
others don't. If you've been disconnected only a short time, you might not
need to, but if you've been disconnected longer, maybe you will.

Some people compensate for disconnection BEFORE disconnecting by estimating
how much basal will be missed; others take note of totals before and after
disconnect and bolus that amount when they reconnect.

Good luck!

Natalie ._c-
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