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[IP] pump and school

My daughter started pumping last year at age 12. When she had to snack she
would leave the classroom and go to the nurse4s office where she would test
and then call me for her bolus. She still does this everyday. I don4t feel she
can handle the whole bolus issue on her own, we give her more freedom at home
though where we can supervise. When she was younger and in second and third
grades, even though she was on MDI, she would go to the nurse, also. Her
teacher would complain she missed too much class in the process,and also was
frequently late in the mornings and would miss 15 or 20 mins of her first
period classes.  I consulted her endo, and he said "you know what, let her
lose some class, her testing and well being are more important for now-she4s
just a child, she can we can deal with this when she4s older". That4s the best
advice I could get. I talked to her teachers and said let her go to the nurse
( they stated she would leave the class various times a day to go to the
nurse4s office) let her lose a little class, I4ll try to help her make up the
work. Now, she4s in 8th grade and only goes out of class at recess and if she
doesn4t feel o.k.
She has average, nornal grades, and does pretty well at school.
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