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RE: [IP] a1c/highs and lows

> The a1c holds no water with me as far as I'm
> concerned and is just a number
> but my daily logs tell the truth.
> -----End Original Message-----
> I absolutely agree with you! Many doctors see that
> great A1c result and
> refuse to see anything else. 

I'm starting to see that the A1C is yet another sloppy
gauge docs use to try to wrap their brains around this
crazy disease. I do think that it's useful to compare
your own A1C's, even though in the past I've been
mystified by good A1C's that don't seem to correspond
to my BG logs. I read somewhere that though BG
readings of >240 are discouraging, people who have
these readings and correct them end up with better
A1C's than people who don't test at all,) and worse
looking logbooks. My control has been MUCH better on
the pump even though I still have roller coaster days.
I'll be curious (read: terrified) to see my A1C.

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