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[IP] Re: Site infections and hypoglycemia

I hardly ever get site infections. I noticed when I do, the site was
irritated by clothing like a busier part of my body that may get rubbed by
my pants. Sometimes my dog hits the site with her paw. When the site is
taken out, it looks irritated. I use neosporan and wear a band-aid on the
area for a day and it is all better. At times, I may change my site and then
eat a high carb meal using lots of insulin to counteract what I ate. I
noticed a painful sight, like from overabsorption of insulin. My skin must
be like a flood victim!

I was brave and allowed my husband to inject my sillouhette in my side, so I
can give my abdomen sites a break. The site did really well, getting good
numbers on a "all new" area. He was an ambulance driver, he thinks that
stuff is neat. Just in case of emergency and I couldn't give myself an
injection (pre-pump era), I taught him to do all that stuff. He's pretty
supportive when I had low blood sugar problems; he doesn't listen to my
lines of bull that "I am fine". I have never experienced the trembling, I
usually fidget my feet and to grand hand and arm movements to express what I
am talking about-I don't usually gesture with my hands when I talk. He knows
not to argue with me, just give me something to get my blood sugar up. I
notice I don't rebound with a high sugar reading afterwards when I treat
responsibly-like small amounts of juice and a bread. Incidents of low blood
sugar have decreased tremendously with the pump. When I do get them, it is
usually my mistake of overdosing with insulin. I have had my pump for over
two years and am still learning, luckily the mistakes have not been so bad
they can't be corrected (like with my life or going to the ER). Best wishes,
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