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[IP] Re: Advice-being told you are not a diabetic

Gerald, it sounds like the DE at minimed has a "screw loose", I would write
down his/her name and ask to speak to the supervisor. One time MM messed up
my order-not sending me enough supplies. When I got my order, I inventoried
them and found I was missing the IV-3000's. When I called to correct the
problem, the MM person told me they couldn't re-bill the insurance company
and I would have to pay for the IV-3000's myself. I talked to the supervisor
and our local MM representative-they cleared up the problem. Some people
have "not a clue", perhaps he/she is new at MM but that's no excuse.  MM is
a good company, they usually clarify problems when addressed-they definitely
communicate to me that they don't want to lose my business. Good luck and
don't let it ruin your desire to "go pumping", I have to admit-it is all
right! (even though, at times I feel diabetes stinks but the pump does make
life more manageable) Sharon
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