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[IP] Re: Re:JR Quick Serter Question

In a message dated 8/31/01 3:15:47 AM, email @ redacted writes:

>I called about getting another order of QS and they only have 43" 
>tubing. and the 24" tubing won't be available now until 
>sometimes...MAYBE...in Oct/Nov.  Can't wait that long so we are going back
>the SS.

They told me the QSs wouldn't be available until next year. I debated whether 
to go back to the SofSets, but was afraid that next time I ordered, they 
would give me problems about wanting the QSs. I ordered the 43" tubes. I 
don't love them, but I don't have to detach when taking a shower.  They are 
very long, and that excess tubing tends to get caught on things occasionally, 
if I am not careful about coiling it up and putting it in my pocket.
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