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[IP] Insulin and tubing

I have quite a few concerns/problems, but I will post them one at a time.  A
friend of mine on the pump said that every time I disconnect to take a
shower, swim, or whatever I need to disconnect for, to bolus .8 units when I
reconnect to refill the canula.  Well, when I do this, I notice I ho
severely low 1 to 2 hours later.  I was in wal-mart the other day and nearly
collapsed, was sweating, and when I looked from one place to another, the
whole place was spinning and had blackouts.  That is scary.  Obviously, .8
is too much, at least for me.  I use the mini med sillouhette.  How much do
any of you bolus when you reconnect?  Just the amount that was lost during
that time period of being disconnected or is there a set amount?  Any help
would be appreciated.
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