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[IP] Schools and ease (or not) of diabetes care

Hello! I just am a little amazed that there are so many of you that are
fighting to be able to check your blood sugars at your locker, etc. When I was
diagnosed, it was near the end of my senior year and there was suprisingly no
problem with me taking my blood sugars in the classroom! This is a right we
have and I was never questioned even though my little machine had the most
annoying beep. My teachers and the office staff were taught out to administer
glucagon and I had a private meeting with the RN. I never had any 'problems'
with the staff viewing me differently or treating me differently. I had a few
severe lows, but could handle them in the classroom or talk to the teacher. I
am just hoping as time goes on, people will start to accept and understand the
nature of diabetes and that checking our blood sugars is vital and literally,
food is a type of medicine for us! I just hope to hear that as you all embark
on the new school year, that you have luck in all that you do. I am going to
my first year of University and I have a special disability plan for there
too. They are suprisingly accomodating.

:-) Kathleen
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