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[IP] Re: Vacation - spare pump

> Hi I have a question we will be going on a cruise and I was wondering if I
should get a spare pump to bring along just in case something would happen
to my daughter's.
> Should I also have a letter from her Dr. saying that she  has type I
diabetes and wears a pump.
> Anne (mom to 15 year old pumper)

Personally, I wouldn't worry about an extra pump.  I've had mine for four
years and have never had a problem with it.  Even if you do - if you call the
help line, they can usually fix it over the phone - and if not they will FedEx
a new one out to you.  Just take a couple of syringes as backup - just like
you do at home.

As far as a letter - if you're going out of the country - you will need a
letter from your doctor stating that your daughter is an insulin dependent
diabetic.   Otherwise, if they decide to do a random luggage check and find
syringes - they'll think you're just making an excuse when you tell them she's
a diabetic.  Have a note from your doctor just in case!!  (This is the advice
I was given 12 years ago when I went to Canada - I was on daily shots then,
not the pump - but still - better to be safe than sorry I always say!)

Enjoy your vacation!!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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