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Re: [IP] hypo events


  One of the things you and your nephew need to be aware of is what is it he 
has eaten, how much fat in it, how fast does his body digest it and have the 
carbs start to affect his BGS.  With the pizza, for example, you don't want 
him to bolus for the full amount of carbs of pizza he ate because pizza take 
awhile to break down due to the fat content.  For pizza I have my Josh (age 
9.5) bolus for half then wait an hour and finish bolusing for the other half. 
 I learned this one the hard way.  We use to bolus the full amount and he 
would always end up relaly low then really high later on because of the low 
correction AND the pizza broke down and kicking in the carbs.  Also, another 
thing to be aware of is the unused insulin rule so thta you don't over-bolus 
him in too short amount of time.  All of these things are, of course, 
explained in detail in the PUMPING INSULIN book.

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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