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Re: [IP] school and the pump-long


  The RN is right and so is the teacher.  This IS a medical issue and the 
teacher should really not be involved.  If there is a proper 504 plan set up 
the school will receive monies that could help pay for atleast a part time 
person that can help out with Jason's D care.  Otherwise, count your lucky 
stars that you have an RN at his school and let her take care of his needs.  
And actually at this age and grade there is usually a recess after lunch.  
There is no reason why he can't miss a minute or two of recess to get his 
bolus done with the RN.  Also, if you know in advance what he is going to eat 
for lunch (or snack) then you can actually figure out the boluses before he 
goes o school   Break each individual item down into a bolus and then a total 
bolus and put this in his log book.  That is how I do it for Josh, age 9.5 
and going into 4th grade.  If I packa lunch it is really simple, but if he 
eats in the cafeteria it is a guessing game for the most part.

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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