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No Subject


I couldn't agree with you more.  In a nutshell,
studies have shown that Avandia has adverse
side effects that people (taking insulin or not
should be aware of.  In this case, I would
personally avoid this drug based on the studies.

My .02 worth,


P.S. Natalie, as you probably know, Jan writes
for one of the better diabetes rags <vbg> and
is better informed on most issues than the average
person.  NO it does not mean she knows it all, but
you aren't dealing with a ding dong either. And your
mails seem to be headed down the flame path IMHO.
So let's just agree that Avandia is not for everyone
and it has potential problems for people who take it.

< Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 21:51:25 EDT
< From: email @ redacted
< Subject: Re: [IP] Is anyone on Avandia?
< Then perhaps it is the difference between endogenous insulin and an 
< insulin analog. Be that as it may, if it has been found that people who 
< insulin and Avandia have a high risk of cardiac disease (which it has), 
< I ain't gonna take Avandia. I'm already at higher risk because I'm type 2. 
< keep my BGs, blood pressure and lipids under control to lower my risks and
< I'm not going to then take Avandia to *add* back to that risk. There are
< other orals that reduce insulin resistance, including metformin which, as 
< as I know, is safe to use with insulin. Plus, both Avandia and Actos 
< in a weight gain of about 20 pounds. I don't wanna go there, either.

< You can intellectualize all you want about everybody having insulin in 
< bodies and you may not have much faith in the FDA. I'll tell you that I 
< more faith in the FDA than I do in a company that's making a profit off 
< products.

< Jan and Elvis

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