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Re: [IP] Colonoscopy

Yes, Bgs up abit to start, they stayed up, very hungry after.
Was on MDI, big mistake to not take bedtime insulin night before.  Must have been
real low, 2AM  was very ill, had hard time staying on toliet, could not  think to
test Bg, or speak.
Clear fluids day before.  I could have glucose tablets if needed, even morning of
test, if needed, and water.  Had meter with me and took Bg before procedure, or
else they would have.  If needed, they would have tested during procedure too.
They kept asking if I was ok.  I tested after too, before I was deemed ok to
They check for anything out of ordinary. Snip polyps, if any.
Mine was done as blood was found in stool 21/2 wks earlier.  (Glucophage then
Precose regimes previously, Glucophage longer,  really suffered on both!
Immediatly on hearing results, stopped meds.)
A fast, efficient test.
Had enough anesthesia to take edge off, watched procedure on monitor.  No
discomfort.  It is thought of  exam  that is upsetting.
Presume you did a web search. Linda
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