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RE: [IP] stopping insulin

I have never heard of a doctor or anesthesiologist telling you to stop
taking your insulin.

I have had several surgeries, all of them while I was awake, and they (when
I was injecting) always told me to take half of my dosage and then they
would check while I was there and if I went low, they would add dextrose to
my iv.

This last time I went in for surgery I was on pump and I just kept my basal
rate going...as a matter of fact, I set my alarm at 4 AM to eat some cereal
w/milk as the earliest they could schedule me was 12 noon for surgery and I
didn't want to be low...would rather be a little high and then correct when
I got home...I maintained a 190-200 while I was there and ate and bolused
when I got home...

Never stop taking your insulin please...too dangerous!
Kathy b.
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