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RE: [IP] "Helping Hands" to be featured on 2002 MiniMed calendar

Thank you so much for telling Gage's story!!!!

It must have been a total horror for you all those years dealing with the
lows, seizures, etc. etc.

My son used to have febral seizures and those were bad enough and he wound
up on phenobarbitol until he was 5.

He lost 50% of his hearing because of fluid build up in his ears from so
many infections.  Thankfully after he had the tubes inserted, it drained and
he regained his hearing.

We thought his speech problem was due to the phenob. and hearing loss only
to have him tested when he was 4 by a pediatric neurologist and found that
he had fine and  gross motor problems as well as oral motor problems.

When he started Kind., no one could understand him except my daughter and
I...it was very frustrating for him and people used to think he was slow but
he wasn't..just couldn't express himself.

He endured 6 yrs of speech and occupational therapy...

I am happy and proud to say that he is 24 now and graduated from UF with a
double degree in engineering and is fine.

So good luck with Gage and I'm sure he will pick up and catch up and do
fine...and I'm so happy that the pump is helping him and you as well!
Kathy B.
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