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Re: [IP] Letting lows correct themselves

In a message dated 08/30/2001 4:47:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< You are right again Darrin!
     When Claire gets too low, her body just kicks in and shoots up her bg to
 at least 400 or so.  I was so happy reading the IP list that others here
 experience this and acknowledge that this occurs, but you won't believe the
 number of professionals and other diabetic kids' parents who have told me
 that this just does not happen.  Well, I've seen it many times.  Of course, I
 don't know how low she goes before it happens, I once checked her running
 around the school playground feeling fine when the meter said 34, but this
 was a Dex meter which I considered very unreliable (no choice but to use it
 while in the UK).
     So now I wonder--does this mean that she would never go unconscious or
 have a seizure from a low bg??  And if so, is this "safer" for a child's
 brain and body than a seizure??  (Not that you have a choice in this matter.)
  Anyone know the answer to this?
 Ty was playing in a football game and BG was 19!  His bad reactions came 
with BG in the 60's. The difference was his prior activity. If he had high 
activity in the days prior, his body was wiped out, even in the 60's he fell 
apart. The lows in the teens came after a period of relative inactivity and 
his body could still cope. Not very scientific but it is what we've observed 
with him.  Dee
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