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Re: [IP] I'm Angry!

    It is very frustrating that insurance companies only plan on certain
amount of things. I know Medicaid only allows a certain amount a pump
changes a month, and they will not give any more supplies to cover the off
chance of mistakes, failures, etc.
    They really need to modify this about health insurance's. I mean, we ARE
talking about humans quality of life here.
    I am fighting Medicaid over some of my medications. (they are saying I
don't need as many as I have, etc.) All I can say is...appeal!
    There are ways around this. Keep talking to them, if one person cannot
help you, insist on speaking to another. I have done this several times over
various medical procedures, medications, etc. Eventually you will get the
help that you need. Also talk to your pharmacist. Sometimes they can help
with these type of matters.
    Good luck!

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> I have a RX for testing 6x a day but since I've been trying to get things
> down right, am testing more like 10x a day and Medicare will not allow
> many tests a day, insulin dependent or not.
> Kathy B.
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