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Re: [IP] Is anyone on Avandia?

In a message dated 8/30/01 7:13:58 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< The reason I question it is that EVERYONE who takes Avandia has insulin in
 their bodies -- so it can't be the addition of injected insulin that is
 causing the problem, it has to be the Avandia. So if that's the case, the
 decision whether or not to use Avandia should have nothing to do with
 whether a person is injecting insulin or not. >>

Then perhaps it is the difference between endogenous insulin and an exogenous 
insulin analog. Be that as it may, if it has been found that people who take 
insulin and Avandia have a high risk of cardiac disease (which it has), then 
I ain't gonna take Avandia. I'm already at higher risk because I'm type 2. I 
keep my BGs, blood pressure and lipids under control to lower my risks and 
I'm not going to then take Avandia to *add* back to that risk. There are 
other orals that reduce insulin resistance, including metformin which, as far 
as I know, is safe to use with insulin. Plus, both Avandia and Actos result 
in a weight gain of about 20 pounds. I don't wanna go there, either. 

You can intellectualize all you want about everybody having insulin in their 
bodies and you may not have much faith in the FDA. I'll tell you that I have 
more faith in the FDA than I do in a company that's making a profit off its 

Jan and Elvis
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