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Re: [IP] Letting lows correct themselves

>     When Claire gets too low, her body just kicks in and shoots up her bg to
> at least 400 or so.  I was so happy reading the IP list that others here
> experience this and acknowledge that this occurs, but you won't believe the
> number of professionals and other diabetic kids' parents who have told me
> that this just does not happen.  Well, I've seen it many times.  Of course, I
> don't know how low she goes before it happens, I once checked her running
> around the school playground feeling fine when the meter said 34, but this
> was a Dex meter which I considered very unreliable (no choice but to use it
> while in the UK).
>     So now I wonder--does this mean that she would never go unconscious or
> have a seizure from a low bg??  And if so, is this "safer" for a child's
> brain and body than a seizure??  (Not that you have a choice in this matter.)
>  Anyone know the answer to this?

i have often had my body kick me out of a low reaction, but i have also
gone unconscious, "lost" periods of time (i'm pretty sure i was mobile and
responsive, but i don't remember a huge chunk of time, missed a 3 hour
class)  and even seized while unconscious, i don't think the one has much
to do with the other....

dx'd '89
assimilated 10/99

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