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[IP] advice

Hi all,
I need some advice if any of you have time.
I was told by the mini med dibetic education  that I wasn't
debetic. She had never meet me before and just got some information from 
me. she told me that I wasn't type 1 and that I didn't need the pump. I 
have been injecting for over 20 years. My doctor told me that if I 
didn't do something different I would cash in my chips soon. He 
suggested the pump. My Ac1 was 7.5 my bg runs on avg. 135 and I
work at it with 4 injections a day. I also test 4-6 time a day. My 
Trigilerites were 3900 last time I went in and my blood pressure was 
150/100.  So to make a long store short I order a pump. I get an 
appointment to learn how to use it and change my insulin to Humalog. My 
doctor tells me to attend the Diabetic educator that mini med has in our 
area because it's part of the cost. I tell the educator that my total 
insulin take is 28units per day. I take R and NPH.
Now I am on the pump and loving it. I am on .5 units per hour and bolus
1 unit per 30 carbs.
Am I not a debtic? Can I get rid of all of this crap and be a normal

Thank you in advance
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