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RE: [IP] a1c/highs and lows

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Kathy Bruckmeyer wrote:
About six months ago when I went to endo, she was so happy with my aic.  It
was like 5.5 and I told her it was not so great and that she should look at
my log which was jumping up and down, high's and lows...

The a1c holds no water with me as far as I'm concerned and is just a number
but my daily logs tell the truth.
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I absolutely agree with you! Many doctors see that great A1c result and
refuse to see anything else. I haven't found a doctor yet who would even
attempt to help me control my BGs better. My A1c results have averaged 6.0
since I began pumping (almost 5 years). But, same as you, I have too many
lows and highs. I've raised my targets a little to eliminate some of the
lows and I end up with fewer lows, more highs and - believe it or not - a
lower A1c. What I find equally interesting and confusing is that my
GlucoProtein results (using the InCharge meter) are consistently much higher
than they should be and don't reflect either my meter average or A1c
results. I've given up on that test.

So I guess we "brittle" (one endo used the term "non-stable") diabetics just
keep struggling along, trying to get those highs and lows under control,
coming up with creative, temporary solutions that work in the moment because
the next moment something is gonna change.


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