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Re: [IP] Is anyone on Avandia?

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> I don't understand your logic here, Natalie. The statement "In clinical
> studies, an increased incidence of heart failure and other  cardiovascular
> adverse events were seen in patients on Avandia and insulin combination
> therapy compared to insulin plus placebo" says they studied patients on
> Avandia and insulin and patients on placebo plus insulin and the ones on
> Avandia plus insulin had a higher incidence of adverse CV events. Which,
> me, *does* support the statement that adding Avandia to insulin therapy
> results in a higher increase of cardiovascular events.

The reason I question it is that EVERYONE who takes Avandia has insulin in
their bodies -- so it can't be the addition of injected insulin that is
causing the problem, it has to be the Avandia. So if that's the case, the
decision whether or not to use Avandia should have nothing to do with
whether a person is injecting insulin or not.
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