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Re: [IP] Avandia

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> I was told that Avandia is only for Type 2 diabetics because it helps the
body use the insulin that it produces.  My endo told me not a good idea for
Type 1's to take it, would not be effective.

Insulin resistance is insulin resistance, regardless of whether your
pancreas is making insulin or not. Totally separate phenomenon.

It's obvious that a Type 1 could not go on Avandia alone -- but there is no
reason why the drug couldn't help the body use the insulin you INJECT!

If you have metabolic insulin resistance syndrome, there is no reason this
medication shouldn't work. If you have insulin resistance from OTHER causes,
it probably wouldn't work.

A lot of docs don't understand that metabolic insulin resistance syndrome
occurs in Type 1's -- Type 1 DOESN'T protect  you from it, because it's not
related to the pancreas at all. If you have the genes for insulin
resistance, you have them, and it should be treated!
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