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[IP] Sceeter Bites

I don't understand why, when I am so sweet, sceeters Never come near me.  Am 
I lucky or what?
I started taking Xenical (sp?) today since I have continued  to gain wgt. 
over the past 2 yrs. of pumping.  My last TSH was within normal range.  I 
have been aqua aerobics for 1 hr. 3 times per week and 1/2 mile walking, all 
to no avail it seems.  Joined WW last week also.  I hate this wgt gain, not 
only do I feel bad but nothing fits.
Have any of you used the Xenical??  Did it help at all.?  My A1c was 7.7, not 
wonderful but for a very brittle (there's that word again) dmer, we thought 
it wasn't to bad.  I use 10.2 for a basal rate and approx. 19 units total per 
Sorry so long..........Jackie P:
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