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[IP] question about A1c's

Hi all,

Eve, (14 years old) went to the doctor today (3 month checkup) and had her
A1c done while she there. Her BG reading from her meter have not been the
best for the past three months, somewhere between the high 100s and 300s
in the mornings. Most of her waking hour numbers have been in that range
also or higher, meals and post meals. Not great I know, but we are still
working on them. It seem everything we do doesnt work.

So, we were surprised that her A1c was 7.5 down from 8.3 three months ago.
In fact, earlier in the year she had better reading on her meter and her A1c
was higher. Eve was at diabetes camp from Aug. 19th thru Aug. 25th and the
doctors at camp (not her doctor) had to keep on lowering her basal rate and
her carb ratios and she still ate more than she bolused for. Most of the
time when she was at camp she was low (40s, 50s). Dont the blame the camp
for the low numbers, she just very active there. When she came home she was
not as active and her numbers went up. We change her basal rate and carb
ratio back to what it was before and her numbers have climbed. So I again, I
upped her basals and still her numbers wont come down.

Could the week of lows at camp, cause the A1c to come down that much?

 Any other thoughts on this?

Deborah mom to Eve 14, and her pump Zoe
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
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