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Re: [IP] Site Infection

    Site infections are nothing to laugh at. I get them in 4 out of 5 sites.
I have had 6 lanced open. 2 of the required hospitalization, and several of
them have required heavy IV antibiotics.
    Definitely do hot-compresses on it, even climbing into a tub of hot
water works. The less you touch it is better. DO NOT squeeze the area. That
could cause the pocket to increase in size. If it is draining, that is good,
put Neosporin on it and cover with gauze. If the opening has sealed off, and
it does not look like it is going down in size, or it is getting redder,
sorer, and hot to the touch, GET INTO THE DOCTOR! (Yes I am shouting this!)
DO NOT play around with staff infections.
    With my infections it has gotten to the point that I have a constant
prescription for Augmentin. I live 17 miles from the nearest doctor and 1
hour away from the nearest hospital.
    Good luck in fighting this. Eventually, it does stop hurting :)

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> How do I know if I have a site infection.  When I changed today the
> was bent touching the plastic things on the side.  It is red and hurts.
> Angie
> MM508
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