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[IP] hypo events


This problem is new to us so just wondering how many people experience the 
same.  Joe, 13 and very active, had been on the pump since 12/00 was doing 
really well on the pump but lately having hypos more frequently.  When he 
realizes that he's dropping he might be in the 50's.  He of course treats 
with a sugar source then will test again 10 minutes later to find out that 
he's gone even lower in the 40's has another 15g's of sugar and will test 
again in 10 min and still dropping and this could go on for 30-40 min before 
we get him stabilized again.  Today in school he tested before lunch he was 
170 had a slice of pizza bolused and right after eating had a major hypo 
event.  Went from 50 to 43 to 36 to 29 it took him 30 minutes and treating 
every 10 minutes (glucose tablets and 7-up) to get him back up to 113.  
During this time he suspended.  What happens of course is after these 
episodes then his sugars go sky high and he'll be in the high 200's.  Any 
idea's why it takes him so long to come back up or for that matter why he 
keeps dropping even after eating sugar sources?  I would appreciate any feed 
back on this.  He also seems to have become more insulin sensitive lately the 
first day we change his site he seems to have more hypo events than others 
and we had to change last night.

Thanks for your help.
Ana (Joe's aunt 13 yrs. old Dx: 3/00 pumping since 12/00)
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