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Re: [IP] "Helping Hands" to be featured on 2002 MiniMed calendar

I dont know if this counts but I wanted to share it with you anyways. 

I am the mother of Gage Anderson, who is 6 1/2 and was dx'd with diabetes
 when he was 6 months old. In the 6 years that he has been living with diabetes, his little body has taken a very bad beating. He suffered from chronic ear infections from the time he was diagnosed until he was 4 years old. All those ear infections caused hearing problems that in return caused speech delay. He had to have almost all his baby teeth pulled at the age of four because they were black with decay. And that delayed speech even more. All of this was due to HIGH BLOOD SUGARS. When his blood sugar gets low he has a sezuire, and his little body is paralized for 12 hours at the leas, this is commonly called Todds Paralysis. We have been told the sezuires and all the LOW BLOOD SUAGRS have caused brain damage,  his learning delay, and decline in cogtivie age. Gages diabetes team tried EVERYTHING! He has been on ALL the insulins out there and NOTHING HELPED. So as you can imagine this made it IMPOSSIBLE for him to atend school. And he really needed to be in school so badly b!
ecause of the learning disabilities. Well, EVERYHTING has changed since August 9th, Let me tell you, Gages blood suagars have NEVER been more in range. Its truly amazing! He has only had a few lows and for the first time in his life he new when he was low so he could be treated and all was fine! 

Gage started Kindergaden this year, and has a wondeful caring nurse that is very knowledgeable about Diabetes Care, but I promise you if it was not for the Minmed Insulin Pump, Gage would still be at home, struggling to live another day, and not being able to just be a  child. I would love to say that "things are back to normal" as so many parents say when their child begins pump therapy, but as we know all to well this is not a cure, and "normal" is not something I could ever say about the life Gage has lead, or ourselves for that matter ,BUT Insulin Pump Therapy HAS given my child a chance at LIFE and the gift of EDUCATION, and for that I am FORVER THANKFUL!

Thak You, for letting me tell you our story!

-Dusty   gage 6 1/2 yrs old, dx'd at 6 months old 
kala 7
cade 5

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