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[IP] vacation-spare pump?

Subject: [IP] vacation-spare pump?

> Hi I have a question we will be going on a cruise and I was wondering if I
should get a spare pump to bring along just in case something would happen
to my daughter's.
> Should I also have a letter from her Dr. saying that she  has type I
diabetes and wears a pump.
> Anne (mom to 15 year old pumper)
> ----------------------------------------------------------
Pumps almost never fail. That said, you can use an insulin pen as a backup.A
letter is nice but not necessary. Write down all the basal rates and take
insulin and sets. almost every doc would realize that a 15 year old kid is
type 1. Insulin can be purchased over the counter anyplace in the world except
for Russia where it is very difficult to purchase. any diabetes supplies.
Humulog(Lispro Insulin) and Novolog(Insulin Aspart) are almost identical and
one can be used instead of the other. Enjoy yourself and don't worry about
this stuff. the pump is supposed to make it easier not more difficult. In an
emergency any pump company can do a world wide changeout over the phone. Your
new pump flys in to your country and you send back the defective pump. Liz
Davis on the list did it ask her (email @ redacted) spot
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