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[IP] dibetes burnout

Subject: Re: [IP] MOTIVATION- Diabetes Burnout book

Hi I am also getting ready to read this book. I bought it last summer when I
was feeling frustrated and wanted to give up. It sounds like a good book and
I don't know why I put off reading it for so long. I also can relate to how
you all feel. I get so sick of my diabetes and do feel like it controls my
life. I think the pump has helped me alot with feeling better about myself
and what I can do. I just flat out get sick of having to deal with diabetes.
It always seems like one problem after another. I have been diabetic for 21
yrs. Just thought I would share my thoughts.
I keep saying things will get better! Heather W.
email @ redacted
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Heather, the first complication of diabetes is depression and feeling of
hopelessness. this quickly leads to feelings of burnout. The depression lasts
for years. No matter how well you do your job as a patient, it doesn't get any
easier to manage. You have to adopt an attitude of being stronger than
diabetes. It can punch you, you have to punch it back. being on the list is
one way for us all to cope better.
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