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[IP] Numbness

Sylvia, Josh's mom writes:
HI list.  Here is something new that happened to Joshua (age 9.5, pumping
yrs)  He ran pretty low most of the afternoon today...pretty active.  Well,
at one point he started to complain about feeling like his whole back and
mouth were numb, like after a dentist visit.  It was numb and tingly.  I
checked his BG as he was also saying that he was starting to really feel
lousy too.  He was 40.  This was down form 65 a few hours earlier, and he
been 44 a few hours prior to that one too.  Anyway, this is the first time
has complained of or mentioned numbness or tingling.  Has anyone had this or
have know a young child to have something like this happen before.
Sylvia (mom to Josh - 9)
The brain uses most of the glucose that we produce and it doesn't work well
without it. numbness around the mouth is a sign of a large area of the brain
not functioning well. Fortunately, the brain contains a store of energy that
it can use if such things happen but it is a warning to get glucose into
your body now. I would give oj or something like cake icing right away and
not bother testing. garbled speech and stupor are similarly derived
symptoms. No one will critisize you for feeding without testing, you are not
conducting a scientific experiment. Spot
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